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Staf perl example
Staf perl example

Staf perl example

Download Staf perl example

Download Staf perl example

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Jump to Appendix E: Perl STAF Service Example - The STAF service proxies do not externalize all of these phases (for example, for Java and Perl

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staf example perl

I have scoped few frameworks and reached out for STAF for PERL. Please guide me if frameworks should be used,and if yes what all prep willJun 19, 2010 - Perl, Python, Tcl, Rexx, Shell-script For example, if you wanted to run STAF on your office machine and 5 test machines in a lab, you would sample scripts ? For example a perl program that will do a ftp from machine A to machine B while both have STAFProc running on them. Please mail me back. Feb 21, 2011 - Im trying to run a perl script through staf service using following command. For example, if your perl script is and it resides in

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Jun 27, 2014 - STAF Perl support is only provided in the STAF installer files for the .. For example, if you want to use the PLSTAF package in your Perl script, It includes information on the core STAF Perl APIs as well as the wrappers .. Example. print "Monitor Service System Name: $mon->getSystemName() "; Services are reusable components that provide all the capabilities in STAF; Provides a specific The executable code for external STAF services resides outside of STAFProc, for example in a Java jar file, STAF Support for Perl Test Cases. Hello - I have just started using STAF and was looking to write some simple services in perl. I was trying the run the sample service ( provided Jump to Example - Example. SERVICE Mufleta LIBRARY PERLSRV EXECUTE SimpleService OPTION USELIB=c:/mylib PARMS "some text"

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